Advantage Legal Document Assistance

Let us help you with any of the following services.
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* Adoption: Step-parent (uncontested or contested with termination of parental rights), or adult adoptions

* Agreement Orders: You may not need to go to court with this option. If both parties are in agreement, a stipulation for custody, visitation and/or child support may be all that is needed

* Change of Venue: this is used to move your case to a different county (usually where the children are)

* Starting and/or Completing your Divorce or Legal Separation

* Emancipation of Minor

* Ending a relationship by Dissolution (Divorce), Annulment, Summary Dissolution or a Legal Separation. 

* Establishing court orders regarding custody, child support, visitation orders, or spousal support

* Restraining Orders: Domestic or Civil

* Grandparents Visitation

* Guardianships (new) or Termination of Guardianship

* Marital Settlement Agreements or Pre-Nuptial Agreements

* Modifying court orders regarding custody, child support, visitation or spousal support

* Name Changes

* Paternity (Petition to Establish Parental Relationship) 

* Proof of Service

* Responding to a Dissolution (Divorce), Annulment, or Legal Separation

* Small Claims

* Estate Planning: We can prepare Trusts, Wills, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and HIPPA documents. 

* Deed and Preliminary Change of Ownership Report

We can prepare, notarize, file or record and arrange for service of your documents.